How to Use Casino Bonuses Common Bonus Terms and Conditions

How to Use Casino Bonuses: Common Bonus Terms and Conditions

All casino bonuses offer excellent value to boost your gambling account balance so you can play more games without extra cost. However, the ‘free' part of these incentives always comes with a catch. It's rare to find bonuses from online casinos that don't include terms and conditions.

Before you accept and use any bonus promotion from a gambling site, no matter how appealing it looks, always check its attached bonus terms. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises when you're already cashing out your winnings.

Here are a few examples of standard terms and conditions of casino bonuses that you might get.

Wagering Requirements or the Playthrough Quota

If you think that you can sign up at a casino site, collect the bonus, withdraw it afterward without playing, you thought wrong. Gambling sites attach wagering requirements to most gifts that they give out. If you've read the playthrough quota on bonus terms and conditions before, that's the same thing as wagering requirements.

These are the terms that you need to complete before you can withdraw the winnings you got from using the bonuses. For example, a 30x WR for a $50 gift, you'll need to wager at least $1500 before you can cash out your money.

Real Money or Cash Bonuses vs. Casino Play Bonuses

There are several types of casino bonuses you need to get familiar with, especially the difference between cash bonuses and play bonuses. Real money bonuses are those that you can withdraw after you fulfill the wagering terms. Meanwhile, you can’t withdraw play bonuses even after completing the betting requirements. You can only use it as credits to play other casino games.

Maximum Allowed Betting Amount or Wagering Limits

Besides the playthrough quota, other standard terms and conditions for casino bonuses is the maximum allowed bet size. For example, if a casino gives you a $100 incentive, you can use that full amount on a single bet. Often, gambling sites will only allow you a maximum bet size of $5, which means that you need to make at least 20 wagers for that $100 bonus.

Restricted Casino Games for the Bonus Money or Spins

Some casino incentives have limits on which games you can use it to play. At other times, some casino games offer a better percentage of your wagering amount towards the betting requirements than other games.

Maximum Winning Amounts and Withdrawal Limits

Some casino bonuses will include terms that limit your maximum winning amounts if you use it to play games. If you win the jackpot or anything over the maximum win, you will forfeit the rest. For example, if the price limit for a bonus is $1000 and you won $3000, the casino will take back the $2000.

If you don’t know about these terms for casino bonuses, you'll most likely notice that your winnings got slashed during the withdrawal process, or you can't cash out your money at all.

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